There are many ways to create with this community.

Add an Episode
You can simply come up with a story idea, record it in video, VR or on your phone and send it off into the world using the hashtag #OnceUponAFuture.  We will try to automate our publication feeds which pull from YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. If not shoot us a linehello[at]

What to share a story idea or pitch your idea to the community? Stop by the forum.

Host your own create-a-thon in your city, your university, your organization or company. We have lots of tips and tricks to share and feel free to shoot us a line at hello[at]

Ambassador Program
Want to take the project to a company or organization for a one day workshop? Go for it! Feel free to shoot us a line at hello[at]

Pass the Baton
Once you have created a project and published it, we have a “Pass the Baton” project where we are circulating 4 virtual reality hand controllers with a challenge to add an episode.