Mission: Create future using the power of storytelling.

#OnceUponAFuture is a decentralized story telling project which invites people to create short stories about the future we want to live in.  The community is organized around the hashtag #OnceUponAFuture.

We are living in a time of exponential change.  Change can be scary.  Many people find it easier to think about our future nightmares rather than our hopes. This project is designed to help people co-create futures worth getting excited about.

We want to turn up the volume on the stuff we love and be brazen enough to envision brand new solutions to our challenges.  Start creating.

History: The project was kicked off by futurist and artist Zenka at Upload in Los Angeles on April 22-23, 2017.  This inaugural event was dubbed “The #WhiteMirror Edition” in a loving conversation with the incredible but dark TV series Black Mirror.

From there, the project is beginning to spread around the world.  Three more create-a-thons are schedule including Middle Tennessee State University, Jackson Hole Center for the Arts, and Cordoba, Argentina.  Want to organize your own?