Moratorium #OnceUponAFuture: The #WhiteMirror Edition

Moratorium #OnceUponAFuture: The #WhiteMirror Edition

What we got right:
1. We found a great location. Upload coworking worked well because we had space and desks that were not occupied.
2. We got lots of donations for food and other items.  We found a non profit fiscal sponsor and started early. It was a lot of time and effort.  Finding a few bigger sponsors would have been easier though maybe not as fun.  We spent $3500 total and only did snakcs and the firts and last meals.
3. Hand made trophies were a hit. Medals of honor were good too but teams got so big we couldn’t give them to everyone. Would have been good to give each and every participant a medal of honor as they left.
4. We got a pro photographer which was great. Would have been even better to have shooting the creation of the projects rather than the talks.
5. We got a really great diverse group of people that built up comraderie and supported each other the whole time.
6. Was good to have the volunteers in t-shirts. They can be gotten for around $3 and spray painted with a stencil (one color recommended)
7. We had a good follow up with sponsors.

What we need improvement on:

  1. We needed a better communication platform for participants during the event. Something like a slack channel would have been good.
  2. Too long on the speakers for the start – should be short and sweet.
  3. The brainstorming session was confusing.
  4. We got 150 people to sign up, 50 cancelled ahead, 55 were no show, 55 showed up. This was hard on food planning.  It was the first time, and it is a long weekend for busy people. Is a one day event better? One week event with Saturday and Saturday starts? Or do we just always calculate a 40% no show and keep it a long grungy weekend.
  5. We could have done a much better job filming the talks and projects. Someone should also be dedicated to do that with a good camera and good sound.
  6. We forgot to take a big picture at the start with everyone.
  7. We could have recruited more sound and VFX people. We were VERY lucy to have T.Lin and Zach.
  8. We did a terrible job getting peoples projects in, organized and up on YouTube. 🙁 Note: Organizers should not get roped into making projects. LOL.
  9. We needed a better system for lost and found and cable labeling.
  10. We needed to end the event on time.

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